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Below is a catalogue of our current products. Please get in touch for information regarding the price and delivery. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, let us know and we will be happy to help you find it. Use our product calculator to help determine how much you’ll require.


Enviro Mulch


Recycled crushed green waste. A natural looking mulch. Ideal alternative to the black coloured mulch. Suitable for all applications.

Jungle Mulch


A rich dark medium coarse mulch.

Content: Recycled crushed greenwaste, forest bark, peat and composted organics.

Sandgroper Mulch


A dark medium coarse mulch.

Content: Recycled crushed and pasturised greenwaste and peat. Complies to Australian Standard 4454 for composts, mulches and soil conditioners.


Fine Compost


A peat free soil conditioner that is high in organic matter, nutrients and trace elements.

Content: Composted organics and greenwaste.